WinnerInno consists of 4 main functions

Announcement, appreciation, thanks, feedback and what you want to convey on the screens with a button. You can immediately convey any message, procedure, news, notifications, changes, thanks, appreciation, success you wish to convey to one employee, one region, one country or all global operations in any language

Share information continuously within the organization and with your stakeholders. Establish a strong communication network. Share videos, images and messages from your employees, suppliers, customers, dealers or distributors, and all stakeholders you define, the fastest way after compliance check.

how it works image
how it works image
We brought online training to mobile devices and made it easy to learn and measure from anywhere, without getting bored, tired. Whether you want a personalized, departmental, women-only or a single location, you can define what parameters you want, transfer your content with video, visual or text, do in-app exams and score points.

Do you want to ask your employee instant mood or to choose your new logo? Increase engagement and loyalty with our super-fast survey application that will help you get your employees INCLUDED in your processes and find MEANING in the business.

Do you want to know what the participants have learned from the training and do you want to measure the transfer of the training, or to ask a general culture question or to check whether your company values are understood? Deliver instant, short, and quick questions with the filtering you want, incorporate measurement and objective assessment into your processes.

how it works image
how it works image
Set a title and forward the new competition announcement to ALL employees via WinnerInno.For those who want to participate, upload their ideas or videos to WinnerInno on their iOS or Android devices. When the competition is open for voting, the participant projects and ideas are transparently voted by ALL employees through WinnerInno. Projects are ranked according to their scores in the categories they belong to and the top-rated users from each category are shared on WinnerInno. Let both participants and voters collect points, and those who rank the highest are APPLAUD